RDi 9.1 Stepping through code is slow... (Using LPEX...)
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Ken Killian
2014-09-16 15:19:13 UTC

I am using RDi 9.1, and I notice stepping through code the debugger seems approximately 3-times slower....

If I debug a simple program under 100 lines, it is lightning fast....

But, when debugging code over 1,000 lines, it seems to slow down CONSIDERABLE, approx. 3-times slower....

Is there a setting to speed up the step-through code? Why would it go slower on bigger chucks of code?

I am using the LPEX Editor as my debugger...

Is it because of all that "Fancy-Stuff" to show colors and show those #@$!@#$@!#$ Stupid Hex Characters that the Fossil-SEU-Dinosaurs put in their code. To make it more like RDi to get colors?!?!?! Heck! Let RDi do the colors!!!

I switched to *LISTING view, and then it is VERY FAST... So, this tells me some things about the LPEX is causing the debugger to slow down GREATLY...

-Ken Killian-
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