Possible Performance Issue With Opening RPG Member In RDi 9.1
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Jim Dutton
2014-09-26 02:07:38 UTC
I am having what appears to be a performance issue when I open any type of
RPG source member in RSE.

I recently migrated to RDi version 9.1 from version 9.0.1, and since then I
have noticed a significant increase in the time it takes to complete all
the processing related to opening an RPG source member when I am working
online with a System i connection.

I’m working over a 10MB per second satellite internet connection back to
the System i, so any performance change is fairly noticeable.

Since I don’t know all the processing that takes place during the open
function as far as which processes involve communication with the System I
and which are solely RDi PC operations, I was hoping someone might be able
to enlighten me as to what actually occurs during the open function to see
if there may be some setting within RDi that needs to be looked at, or if
there is something in 9.1 that is different from 9.0.1 that is causing this
possible performance issue.

Following are what I have observed when attempting the open function, and
this is mainly from watching the box in the lower right hand corner of RSE
where various messages appear during the processing. There may be other
processes that occur but downloading, live parsing, and external file
resolution from host are all that I have observed.

The source member seems to download to my PC from the System i in about the
same time as it did with the previous version, but when the live parsing
process, and then the resolving external files, for the downloaded member
start to execute, the time it takes to complete both of these processes is
magnitudes longer than they took on version 9.0.1.

The number of source lines and files in the member do seem to make a
difference in the time it takes to complete these processes.

I created a test source member of around 30 source statements that had 5
files, after encountering the issue with a production member, and the live
parsing process completed relatively quickly, probably less than a minute,
but the resolving external file processing ran for almost 10 minutes.

The production source member that I was working with originally has 649
source statements with 2 files specified in it. The live parsing process
had been running for 30 minutes last night when I finally gave up and
cancelled it. One of the files did appear to have been resolved when I
looked at the outline view for it, but not the other one, so it may have
moved on to the resolving external files process and just not updated the
message in the box in the lower right hand corner of RSE.

As I said earlier, I'm not sure if there is some preference setting that
might have gotten changed when moving to 9.1 that needs to be looked at,
but I haven't found any that seem to affect it. Also, I cleared my cache to
see if that might have grown too large and might be causing the issue, but
that didn't seem to have any affect.

Any help, direction, or information that anyone might provide that might
help me resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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